Marketing for the Mad (Wo)Men of Tomorrow

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Marketing for the Mad (Wo)Men of Tomorrow

Strong brands in a world of algorithms
  • Put innovation at the center of marketing

Which Communication model, according to the latest research, is the most effective in our digital world?
What can we learn from the advertising giants of the sixties and the giants of today?
What can the TapForward Model mean for your brand?

Marketeers in the digital world of today face a monumental challenge. Given the ever-growing mountain of data, the algorithm invasion and a seemingly ad-allergic consumer, advertising campaigns are losing their effect.

However, we, the marketeers, are the biggest problem of all. We are so focused on short-term results, we forget that it is our job to create long-term growth. We are so focused on rebuilding our sector from scratch, we forget that some old marketing rules are still relevant today.

The TapForward Communication Model brings it all together and is the most effective model in this digital world, sidestepping the negative effects of adblocking with a strategy carried by the consumer, and one that delivers impressive sales numbers.

Taking forty successful campaigns as case studies, Wim Vermeulen shows you how to approach advertising in the 21st century, how you can strengthen your brand and drive sales through the roof.

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