This expo is MARKED

This expo is MARKED

11/05 - 23/05/2017
Mechelsesteenweg 271, bus 1.1
2000 Antwerpen

An exposition with work by 5 artists and MARKED authors: Frieke Janssens, Louise Mertens, Jeroen Lemaitre, Henk Van Rensbergen and Sammy Slabbinck. The expo can be visited on weekdays from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

Louise Mertens runs a fine art studio based in Antwerp (Belgium), working for international and national clients. In addition to her studio work, Louise makes personal art. The artworks became a trademark of herself, translations of her visual world and her admiration for purity, textures, materials and the unique sophistication of Japanese art. “The art of the subtle but important details force you to look with more patience." Discover Louise’s unique artistic approach to graphic design in Erotique Chique, available fall 2017 

Henk Van Rensbergen is a Boeing 787 pilot who flies around the globe. While his crew rests at the swimming pool, he goes out to explore the abandoned places of our world. Henk van Rensbergen searches for the beauty of their desolation and pinpoints the richness of their decay. Van Rensbergen is a pioneering Urban Explorer. His book NoMan’s Land will be available summer 2017. 

Jeroen Lemaitre (1987) is a young man from Leuven whose talent was discerned in 2014 by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, a museum of the decorative arts and design in Paris. Since then, he has worked under the label of 'Animaux Speciaux' progressing further with his creations using animals, insects and butterflies from the tropics. His book Wonders are Collectible is available now 

In the past decades, Frieke Janssens has built a solid reputation in staged photography. Her work is characterized by a precise staging, along with an impeccable command of the technique and a perfect finish. Her patient devotion results in narrative scenes that often evince a tension. Her book The Sweetest Taboo will be available fall 2017.

Sammy Slabbinck is a Belgian artist, whose signature work includes dynamic prints and original paper collages, combining found imagery with contemporary compositional styles.The images are cut up into pieces and redistributed, playing with exaggeration and proportion. Other times, the images are placed in reverse context, juxtaposing modern ideals with traditional states of mind. Slabbinck's eye for muted tones and surreal compositions make his work engaging, memorable and sometimes humorous. His book Sammy Slabbinck – (Sur)Reality Check will be available summer 2017